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Russell Lodge 4413 – One of the Largest and oldest Freemasons Lodges in Bedfordshire

Welcome !

Welcome on behalf of all the members of Russell Lodge No. 4413, A regular Freemason lodge under the province of Bedfordshire under the constitution of the United Grand Lodge of England, we wish you a very warm welcome to you all and hope that your find this website informative about our lodge and its rich history.

We are a friendly, family oriented and social supportive bunch of like minded people, We meet up at least twice a month for our official meetings which gives us a chance to meet and greet new and old friends from across the fraternity.

Russell lodge meets at the Masonic Centre in Kempston, Bedford on the first Thursday of every month between the months of October and May at 5:45pm, and is one of the largest lodges in the province of Bedfordshire with an amazing diversity of its membership, our members range from 21 to 80 years young and come from all walks of life!


100 years old and counting ..The Russell Freemasons Lodge was Constituted on December 10th, 1921 by members of the Stuart Lodge making them our Mother Lodge this endorsed and supported our application to Grand Lodge to form a new lodge. We have seven sister lodges such as Sir William Harpur Lodge No. 2343, Bedford Castle Lodge No.6124 and St Peter de Merton Lodge No. 7559 to name a few. For more information please have a read of this excellent post.


At the heart of what we do is Charity, We raise money for the provinces charity’s “The Freemasons Charity” as well as the Masters chosen charity through various fun and very memorable social events which are scattered throughout the year they are open to friends and family of non freemasons, Family, friends and Charity is at the heart of of our lodge.

Some of the events can be seen on our website, please keep tuned for upcoming events !

The Masters charity’s this year is Keech Cottage, both of which are very personal to the Master as such Russell Lodge members do all they can to help support such wonderful and meaningful charity’s.

WM Tilly Perrone
WM Tilly Perrone 2023-2024

Again thank you for visiting our website, please feel free to come back as the site is constantly evolving where we hope to share some of the work we do throughout the year.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Freemason and join the amazing Russell Lodge Family , please feel free to contact us using the Enquiries form.