Russell Lodge of instruction (LOI)

Russell Lodge of instruction (LOI)

All Members are welcome we meet during the Masonic season from October to May generally the second Tuesday of the month starting at 7:00 - 7:30pm.

The purpose of the lodge of Instruction is to provide an opportunity for Brethren to become versed in the ritual and symbolisms of Freemasonry in preparing them for their individual Advancement in the Lodge, procedures, protocol and etiquette, and a time to generally ask the lodge preceptors any questions.

We meet on an informal basis and practise the various rituals so that at our Lodge meetings the brethren can feel confident and well-rehearsed. The meetings are usually overseen by the Preceptor another word for teacher) who are normally Senior members of the lodge and can impart knowledge and experience to new Brethren as they progress through Masonic offices.

The Lodge of Instruction is key to producing excellent Lodge meetings of which the members can be proud of their achievements and which hopefully gives pleasure to our visitors.

The rehearsal of a ceremony normally takes place with the officers of the regular Lodge occupying the positions they either expect to fill next year or even currently hold.

Brethren are also given the opportunity to fill any of the offices, this gives them a chance to practise a ceremony in an office which until then is unfamiliar to them.
New Brethren are encouraged to attend when appropriate there are also opportunities for any brothers to practise any additional ritual or signs.

Dress code is relaxed and casual no regalia, laughter is common, gentle mischief is tolerated and mistakes are allowed before a relaxing after at a local restaurant, curry house or public house.
For more information contact W. Bro Mick Cullis