Russell Lodge History

The Russell Lodge 4413

Russel Lodge has a strong heritige, the lodge was formed and gained its warrent on 1st Feburary 1922, it was later consecrated 31st March 1922. Russell Lodge is also a Hall Stone Lodge, more can be found Here


The coat of arms at the centre of the banner are those of the Dukes of Bedford whose family name is Russell, with the family motto in Latin 'Che Sara Sara', (What will be will be).

After the disolution of the monasteries by Henry VIII in 1638, the manor of Woburn including Woburn Abbey now the seat of the Duke of Bedford passed to Thomas Cromwell when he was appointed chief steward. in 1542 it was annexed to the newly created honour of Ampthill and in 1547 Edvard VI granted the state to John, Lord Russell who was created the Earl of Bedford two years later.
The Estate has remained property o the Russel Family dow to the present day.

Prior to the dissolution, the Abbey was a Cistercian house founded in 1145 by Hugh de Bolebec. In 1254 Henry III granted the monks the right to hold a marker on Fridays.
In 1315 the Abbey buildings suffered a great deal of damage created by a fire caused by lightning. There are no traces of the original monastic buildings left, but it is said that the existing house house stands on the site o the old cloister. The present house was almost totally rebuilt in 1746 from designs by Henry Flitcroft.

Above the Centrepiece is a scroll inscribed red and gold, "Russell" and below a further scroll. again in red and gold, reads "Lodge No 4413". At the foot of the banner, also in gold, are depicted the square and compasses.