Category: Lodge Almoner

The office of Almoner is often underestimated by the Brethren, and the full extent and importance of the duties attached to the appointment are not always appreciated or understood. In the past the Almoner was seen largely as a figurehead, a representative of a fraternity that cares for its members and their dependants during times of need. The position was, and perhaps often still is, perceived as mainly reactive.

Though, the role can be a very demanding one, concerned as it is with ensuring the welfare of Lodge members and their widows and dependants. A good Almoner needs to maintain contact with Lodge members, including those who are not regular attendees, and with widows and dependants of former members. He needs to be alert to problems they may face, and aware of the range of support that can be called upon to address them. At the same time, he needs to be discreet in carrying out his role, with the result that its significance may not always be fully appreciated.

People are now living longer, and the problems of old age, both medical and financial, are becoming more prevalent, so that the demands on Almoners are even greater than before. This makes it even more important that the Almoner should have access to appropriate support resources. The first point of contact for advice or help should be the Provincial/Metropolitan Grand Almoner (or Group or Area Almoner, but there is no reason why assistance should not also be sought from other Lodge brethren or Chapter companions if required.

The Lodge Almoner for Russell 4413 is

Stuart Potts
[email protected]
07720 513632