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From left to right, W.Bro Michael FitzGerald , W.Bro David Weaver, W.Bro Mick Culis, W.Bro Dean O'Connell (IG) , W.Bro Scott Ramsar (ADC) Bro Jonathan Brown (SD), W.Bro Tilly Perrone (JW), Worshipful Master W.Bro Peter Bloodworth, Bro David Weaver (Secretary), Bro David Lloyd-Jones (SW), Bro James Wootton (JD), W.Bro Stuart Potts (IPM), W.Bro Simon Whitbread (DC), W.Bro Paul Barker (Chaplin), Bro Peter Sweets (Charity Steward) and Finally Russell's very own homebrewed Provincial Grand Master , The Very Worshipful PGM Tony Henderson. 0

Installation 2021

On Thursday 2nd December 2021, W.Bro Peter Bloodworth was installed in the honourable chair of King Solomon by W.Bro Stuart Potts, making him Russell Lodges (4413) 100th Worshipful Master. An absolutely fantastic evening for...